I always find this part the hardest. Trying to explain who I am and why I do what I do.

Let's start off with the easiest part. I am a mom of two f*#king awesome boys, and I also have a potty mouth. I've been married to my very handsome hubby for 12 years. I've been told, no sorry I've been warned by my youngest we better keep going or else he will runaway, never talk to us again and will never accept a new mom or dad if we separate.! So I guess we are staying together lol.

This business first started out with not just me but my mom and sister also but my sister got to busy with her other business (she's an amazing graphic designer) and my sweet momma retired and is enjoying freedom! which is well deserved after having a very successful catering business for over 35 years.

I have always been a creative person and love making people smile. I also love my vino after a long day. who am i kidding? It's always 5 o'clock here. I love to design things that make people smile or giggle.

I never used to do custom apparel but then people would ask me if I could make them a t-shirt with their fav quote or their fav character and you all had such good ideas I loved. The possibilities are actually endless. I love seeing what you all come up with.

I didn't put "who I am, or "about me" on this page but instead put "who we are" because I dont always work alone as my family is always helping out in different ways. My oldest Cayden sometimes makes his own tee's with sayings that are important to him. His first one was "it's ok to be different"

I loved it because it was coming from his heart and how he really felt. My Cayden honestly has one of the biggest kindness hearts of anyone, any age I have ever met! He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 and luckily for us we found out early! We were able to start him in a few different therapies that he successfully did almost 5 days a week and is thriving now. I myself learn from him everyday and it makes me a better person. My youngest Jake makes me laugh everyday as he is a little jokester. He loves to dance around the house, usually fortnite dances (shit I hate video games! who's with me?!?!?!)

He's emotional like me but also likes to please people, like me lol.

I could keep going on and on but before I lose you I will stop and just say I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! and if I can make you smile, I smile